Elder- Sambucus nigra

June 18, 2017


The Elder has been known for centuries as a Guardian, a Healer and Sacred. 

When I 1st spotted an Elder on the West side of my Garden, I knew there was a reason she was there and irritated my husband to no end to leave it alone. Every year we would have a little "Tiff" regarding him brush hogging the Fence line. 
Ive rubbed off on him a little bit and trust me, that is worth celebrating! 
Its taken 15 years to get my way and have him leave the elder patch alone. YAY ME!! 
Not only was the Elder protecting my garden (she blocks the harsh summer sun to the west of my garden), she was also offering her berries for healing. 
What I Didn't know, until recently, was that her flowers are a bounty all on their own. 
From my studies, I've learned that the Elder flower is a wonderful skin nourishing hydrosol, an aromatic infusion in skin loving oils, a fragrant drink and has antiseptic as well as anti-inflammatory properties. 

SO, The Granddaughter and I thought it was time to make use of the huge bounty of elder flowers and try a distillation. 

Gathering of the flowers for distillation.




We had a nosy visitor while we were de-stemming the flower heads.  Bailey always has to come investigate what im doing at any given point in time. He is also in love with one special little girl. 

I dont use dehydrators for herbs as ive noticed a lack of flavor in my cooking herbs when i used it before. Since we have started gathering and selling our herbs they are hung to dry in the Garage attic for a couple of days then bottled or bagged depending on the use.  

So, while we were interrupted with a family emergency prior to being