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 My name is Kris Boggs and I am the Owner & Founder of The Boondocks. > That's me :) 

My husband & I own an 87 acre farm in South West Missouri, where I grow the Majority of the herbs used in the making of my products. Those that I cant grow are sourced from Organic sustainable growers. 
All of the Ingredients used in my products are both Ethically Sourced as well as Organic as possible. Sometimes it just isn't possible to be completely Organic. 
 Our list of items for sale changes pretty regularly as we create items on a seasonal basis. 
Soaps, Salves, Lotions and our very own Distilled Hydrosols! Made from plant material both cultivated and wild crafted from our own land. 

A note about Lotions. Preservatives are necessary when creating lotions 

that will remain shelf stable. While I prefer to never use preservatives,

I also prefer the safety of my customers. Using lotions that do not utilize

                              an effective preservative, can and Will have nasty bacteria that is not visible

to the human  eye. Once the mold is Visible, there are already

                              hundreds of thousands of spores that have grown inside the lotion.

                              This will have detrimental effects on your health. Safety, 1st, Last and                                       Always! Isn't that why you chose to buy from a Handcrafter instead of a 

                             Large Corporation?                                            

  Please feel free to look around our website. If you have any questions or would like something
                              specially created just for you, by all means, reach out to us via email or                                      Facebook.

This really is the Best way to contact us. 
                              Phone service is unbelievably sketchy out here in The Boondocks.
         Hence the Name 


 We do not claim organic certification, however we do grow everything using Organic & permaculture methods. We do not use sprays of any kind, but we do utilize food grade  diatomaceous earth to control lice and parasites on our chickens. Who in turn feed our herbs and vegetables. We do not use Palm Oil in any of our soaps, No Parabens or Phthalates in the Fragrance oils used.

Essential Oils 

All of our Essential oils, used in our products are sourced from both distillers and reputable importers who offer GC/MS reports.   

Please feel free to browse our shop and let us know if there is anything we can help you with.
Fragrance Oils
All of the Fragrance oils that we have chosen to use (due to Customer demand) have been carefully chosen for accurate scent profile and are Phthalate, Paraben Free. 
While the FDA doesn't require manufacturers to disclose the ingredients in a Fragrance oil, they do have to disclose major constituents. And this is what we base our selection from. Certificate of Analysis' are obtained and reviewed. All of our colors used are also certified to be exactly what they say they are. 
I have received a little bit of concern about the Synthetic colors used in my soaps. While I completely understand the concern, just know that if you are wearing makeup, these are the same colors used.
Soap is a wash off product. makeup stays on your face for hours.  


A note regarding our packaging.

Minimalism is the best approach for our business at this point. We don't offer fancy ribbons, colors, layers of tissues or fancy boxes. We have chosen instead, to focus on quality organically grown ingredients. And sustainable packaging. 

Quality is imperative 
We are Proud Members of The Handcrafted Soap & Cosmetic Guild. 


Below, you will find links to trusted sources for Aromatherapy, Herbal information, Education and Products. You will also find links to affiliate websites that provide me with a modest income for every purchase done through this website.


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