Recycling Essential Oil Bottles

We all have that stash of empty EO bottles.


Well, what are you doing with those bottles?

If you are throwing them in trash, please, PLEASE find a place to recycle them. Or send them to me!

If you are close to me, holler and I will take them off your hands. They only need to be sterilized to be utilized again.

My local customers get 5% off any 1 item, per 5 bottles exchanged.

It works out great!!

So- here are a couple of ideas on how to reuse those bottles that you want to keep.

1. Spray bottle; Amazon has some atomizers that supposedly fit the 5 & 15 ml bottles. Ive yet to try this as I generally want a bigger bottle for items im going to spray. But i can definitely see the Value in this.

2 Re-use for your own creations, perfumes, room sprays etc. They make adorable little vases to line a shelf with.

3. Travel kit. THIS IS A MUST for those that use Essential oils for more than Aromatherapy. A travel kit truly is necessary. Remember the essentials (pun intended) Tea Tree, Lavender, Lemon*, Peppermint* & Frankincense. You can add extra's of course, these are just my top 5.

4. Carrier oils for Above travel kit. Different types of carriers work for different things. For instance, Jojoba is the closest to your skins natural sebum. It will slowly sink into your skin enabling the EO's to do their work.

5. This is my favorite way to reuse eo bottles... a string of lights. :) Who doesnt love lights? Especially Christmas lights? I mean really....

Pinterest is loaded with pics on how to make them. I'd suggest using the LED lights... only because someone brought up the safety factor.

Personally I don't SEE a safety factor, because i'm not dumb enough to utilize a bottle that has essential oils still in them. That and the flash point on an essential oil should most definitely be higher than a light bulb form Christmas lights should create.

So, there ya go... If you have more idea's on what else empty bottles of essential oils can be used for, please share!

Until next time.

Rejoice, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Much Love


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