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We are so excited to have been invited to this years Health Vendor event in Joplin, MO. This is one of the most coveted events of the year! Come and see all of our beautiful offerings made from the herbs we forage ethically, cultivate and source organically.

*Disclaimer: We are not certified USDA Organic. We do utilize Organic practices in our gardens, fields and Timber. ** We will be offering our beautiful Hydrosols, Tinctures, Soaps, Lotions and Salves at this years Health Benefits and Retail Therapy Fair. Come see us!


I have to put a shout out on these beautiful creations again as I am continuously amazed at how gorgeous Hydrosols are when fresh! I've pretty much been a connoisseur of Hydrosols for a few years now and I can tell you there is absolutely no comparison from a store bought Hydrosol to a freshly distilled Hydrosol created for that purpose. . Those that I never liked (Lavender - cough - yes I know, my favorite herb in the world has never been my favorite hydrosol. ) Ive used in my soaps as a replacement for the water. Others that I love, like Rose and Neroli, have been used as the water portion in my lotions. However, the Fresh Hydro or Steam Distilled Lavender is an altogether Different story! I will no longer think of Lavender hydrosol as yucky!


Tinctures by definition are the alcohol extractions of plant material.

We us 100 proof vodka in all of our extractions. And normally the ratio is 1 part herb to 2 parts alcohol.

For more information on tinctures and herbs, please review the below links.

Here on the farm we have about 67 acres of pure untouched land. Besides mowing our land has not been cultivated or sprayed in anyway. This is where we do our foraging. We have a beautiful 1/4 acre Garden that we cultivate (grow on purpose) our herbs and vegetables.

My sister in law (who is the other part of "WE") has an additional 20 acres of land that she forages from as well as a bountiful garden. Both properties are un-sprayed and non cultivated. Besides our gardens.

Alisha was gifted with a beautiful patch of Chamomile and Self Heal! We were so excited to see the bounty of both of these and started another learning journey on additional herbs that are Native to Missouri.

That journey will be a lifelong journey as more and more we rely on our learnings for our Health & Beauty needs.

This is amazing and exciting to us in such a profound way. We both firmly believe in the bounty of Gods offerings to us and the knowledge that he has blessed us with.

The ability to care for yourself in this ever changing & dangerous world is HUGE!

Till I am inspired to write again, ENJOY your Life! Its the only one youve got. Make the very best of it!



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