After Christmas Blues

I LOVE ❤️ Christmas! 🎄

It is truly my favorite season of the year. 

Every year I take my grandkids to see the lights, we decorate the tree & house. We bake cookies, candies and all the trimmings. Conifer oils are my favorites during this time of year. 

Black Spruce, Douglas Fir and many others.  

This year was especially precious for me as I had some family members come together for the 1st time in 32 years! 

It was Loud, Obnoxious, Crazy, Fun & AMAZING! 

After all the hubbub of Christmas, the anticipation & excitement, I come down with the 

Blues 😢 EVERY SINGLE YEAR. This year the blues have been staved off by the continued visit with my granddaughter. But, she is leaving soon & im sure those blues are lurking around the corner. Just waiting to pounce. 

I’m a summer girl. I love the sunshine, warm weather and the ability to play in the dirt. 

I love to socialize, be around people I love and Water. Lots & lots of 💦 💧 Water! 

When I am forced to stay indoors, I get grumpy! 

SAD is a real thing. Seasonal Affective Disorder. 

When I’m needing a quick pick me up, I reach for the scents that remind me of summer. Resins, leaves, flowers & most especially the citrus oils. 

Try adding some Citrus and resin oils to your diffuser, personal inhaler or a piece of Aroma Jewelry. 

Try this little blend for a quick pick me up and let me know what you think! ❤️🌸

Please, seek professional help if you have or suspect you have depression. 

SAD, Seasonal Affectice Disorder affects thousands of people. 

Seek help, buy a sun lamp, get some love in your life ❤️

Best way to get love is to give it. 

Donate some time at your local shelter. 

Pass out food to the homeless. 

Trust me in that sharing your heart, you receive much more than you give. 

In Love and Happiness I bid you a Happy New Year!! 


Kris Boggs

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