Fragrances and Colors

March 26, 2018

Kris Boggs

Please read if you are concerned about the use of fragrance oils & synthetic colors used in my soaps. It has been brought to my attention that there is some concern over the use of colors and fragrances in my soaps. Please understand that I “Get” it. I Do! I am anti- GMO, Pro Organic everything. 

But, Some people aren’t concerned about scents and colors and still want a quality product while supporting small business.  When some of my customers requested longer lasting fragrances and pretty vibrant colors, I realized that I am being asked to provide something because I am trusted to do the right thing.

This is huge for me. I can at least research & see what comes of it. 

So the games began around October of 2016. 

I researched for hours on end to chose the Fragrances and colors I’ve settled on.  I’ve tested them with multiple people and multiple samples of soap.  

I’ve spent hundreds of hours and dollars to make sure that what I am using is worthy of my soaps.  Arrogant?

Not in the least! 

 My product is fantastic and I won’t use anything that compromises that product. 

And I had a TON of fun playing with these. 

I also wanted to make sure that they are safe. Most companies do not provide an ingredient list on the FO’s (fragrance oils) they use. 

They don’t have to either. This is what the FDA calls “Trade secrets” 

Nice right? Well, some companies understand the concern of their customers and do provide a list of major components as well as a Certificate of Analysis showing that they are Paraben and Phalate Free.  If there is no listing of major ingredients, no COA or no SDS (which they are required by law to provide) than I don’t bother purchasing them. Not even for testing. I purchased a large amount of samples to test with and I’ve come down to 5 that I will use in my products pretty exclusively. They are gorgeous scents that are not overpowering nor headache inducing (🤦‍♀️ that’d be me - headache sufferer from perfumed products) 

I spent a full 14 months researching and playing with different colors and fragrances prior to releasing some for purchase in December of 2017.  And, to be honest, if it hadn’t been for certain events that took place at the beginning of December 2017, I might not have released these for sale to the public at all. 

I was surprised by a huge influx of orders (after the largest show of the year for us) and I didn’t have enough stock. I was literally bought out in a very short amount of time.

But I had a fairly large amount of soaps that I’d made for testing. So I offered them up on the website. 

Now, having said all of that I think it’s extremely important for you all to know that my product line is comprised of 2 separate entities. Even down to the website. 

2 separate pages for the two separate product lines. 

Soaps made with fragrance oils and synthetic colors are kept separate in every way. From the equipment I use to make them to the curing racks. The soaps made with natural colors and essential oils are kept in the back room behind a closed door away from the soaps made with fragrance oils. Why? Because that separation is important to me. Now let’s address the other area of concern. Synthetic colors. Do you wear makeup? Mascara, eyeliner are my favorites to use. Occasionally blush and lipstick- occasionally. I’m too in love with my lip balms to worry about color 😂 If you also wear makeup then please think about the time frame that makeup is sitting on top of your skin. Hours, right? Right. Soap is a wash off product. Synthetic colors in soaps will not stain your skin, sit on top of your skin for hours nor will they cause any undue stress to your skin. Colorants used in cosmetics have to be approved by the FDA prior to being utilized in the manufacturing process. Now Soap doesn’t fall under the FDA regulations as a cosmetic, however, those laws still have to be abided by for skin safe products. 

In order to stay in business I have to comply with these laws. So does every person that manufactures any product. 

Synthetic colors are the ONLY colors actually allowed to be utilized in the manufacturing of cosmetics in the United States. This is a fact and it is irrefutable. 

There is no such thing as Organic Mineral Makeup & any company that tells you this are lying. 

Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxides (Pigments) Micas and Chromium colors are originally mined from the earth but then coated in synthetic materials for both color and safety. 

According to the FDA, Micas and Pigments derived from the Earth contain large amounts of Lead and Arsenic and are not allowed in the manufacturing of Cosmetics. 

Remember that I am only speaking about the US. 

I can’t vouch for other countries. 

However, doesn’t that make you wonder how it’s possible to have organic foods when the very earth it’s grown in has an abundant layer of lead and arsenic underneath? 

Do you think it’s possible that some lobbyist from some chemical company(‘s) managed to push this through legislation by the greasing of hands? 

Ah, I Digress. Corruption is everywhere & not something that needs delved into at this particular time anyway. 

I will wrap this up by stating that I am extremely diligent and take every precaution to keep everything separate so there is no cross contamination. 

This is also a part of Good Manufacturing Processes. 

I deeply care about my customers and I not only want you happy with my products, but I want you to have a great Spa Like experience when using them. 

Who doesn’t want to be pampered every now and then? 

Just think, I get to be pampered every time I test them 😀 

Thank you for taking the time to read this Uber Long Blog post. 

Enjoy your Sunday! 

Much Love

Kris ❤️ 

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