Essential oils in Soap Making

Essentials oils and soap making November 3, 2018. 0800 So, an interesting thing happened to me the other day. I had an “AHA” moment in regards to the Chemistry of Certain Essential oils and Soap Making. I read an interview on Robert Tisserands website with Kevin Dunn because I needed to reiterate to someone that there most definitely are therapeutic values in using essential oils in soap making. Yet again, someone was stating that essential oils in soap are a waste. My 1st thought is Always, Inhalation of essential oils is the Most efficient way to deliver the therapeutic properties of an essential oil into the body. As Aromatherapists we know this. Most soapmakers know who Kevin Dunn is. If you don’t, get acquainted. He shares some really great information. I’ve purchased his book now due to this AHA Moment and I will get it read when I return from Madeleines class in Atlanta. In the interview Robert asks Kevin, If essential oil constituents saponify. Kevin explains that an essential oil may contain certain constituents that react with alkali. Think about this for a minute. Phenols, Esters and Acids react with Lye.

(Read the article) Robert Tisserand interview with Kevin Dunn Phenols, Esters & Acids react with Lye! If Phenols, Esters and Acids react with Lye What do they convert to specifically? In the article Kevin explains that Linalyl acetate in Lavender Essential oil converts to Linalool! (Read the Article!) Robert Tisserands interview with Kevin Dunn O. M. G.!!!! 😱. THIS is why Soap Makers utilize 40/42 and Lavandin in cold process soap making! Hello!! Game Changer!! The Gears ⚙️ are a Spinning!! Does this change the usage amounts of essential oils in soap making in comparison to using essential oils topically? Have there been tests run? Are the results of any tests avl to the public? WHY is this not spoken about in groups? Why is this Not a normal topic of discussion? Why isn’t this information in any of the numerous books I’ve purchased? What other questions am I not thinking of? 😀 My head is spinning and I need to do much more research on this topic!

PS I obtained written permission from Robert before linking this page to mine. Read the article here

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