Yesterday I took another road trip. This one was not far from home, but a trip that would take the majority of the day.

It was a pleasant trip with absolutely no issues on the drive up. I had a lovely time engaging in conversation with an adult that is both Funny and Fun. (Yes Deborah, Im talking about you :) However, on the way home I started getting a feeling. You know that feeling.

Something is wrong.

Something is about to be Wrong. Some Thing is about to happen.

Impending Doom is stealing my Joy, My Peace. Crawling up from my stomach, scratching and clawing its way out through my throat... Its Intense. Always. This is my intuition. It has Never, Ever failed me. Every time I have this feeling of impending doom, I slow my brain down, take a look around me, recognize what might be different and if I am driving, I get off the road as quickly as possible. Then I take the appropriate measures to correct whatever might be causing this "Feeling"

Please note: For some this feeling is more than Intuition. I cannot attest to that. What I am speaking about is my personal knowledge of myself. If you suffer from Anxiety or any other medical condition, PLEASE seek the advice of a Doctor. Do not rely on Bloggers or business owners to tell you what you need.

Normally, when I start to get these feelings the issue presents itself pretty quickly. I start texting people to see if everyone is ok. Normally, everything is actually OK its just some minor issue that needs to be taken care of prior to it becoming a major issue. This time, as I am siting on the side of the road, I took out a blend of essential oils that I made prior to going to Philadelphia last October, and I tried to center myself. I didn't start texting anyone because I needed a minute. Just a minute. As I am sitting there dabbing this blend below my left ear, I noticed that my lymph node was swollen. I dabbed more of my blend on my finger tips and with the tiniest amount of pressure, utilizing my fingertips, I pulled down from my lymph node to the base of my throat and down to my collarbone.

I did this 3 times. On the 4th and last time I flicked my fingers out towards my arm. The release of pressure was Immediate. A pressure that I didn't even realize was present until it wasn't present any longer. Not only was the Pressure gone, but the Impending feeling of Doom was alleviated as well.

This isn't magic or voodoo, this is a simplified version of a Lymphatic massage.

Did I just save my own life? Probably not. But what I did do was take the time to recognize that I needed self care. Taking time to Acknowledge your emotions and the need to care for them is huge.

Whether you work in an Office, a Factory or outdoors, Take the Time to Take Care of Yourself. You don't need 15 minutes. You need a minute. Take That Minute! Clear your mind of everything and focus on breathing. Focus on your inner Peace. Focus on You and the fact that you need self Care. Breath Deep with Intention of being Chill!

Today I am presenting to you a blend of essential oils that I created with Intuition as to what I needed at the time. Introducing, INTENT This blend contains an amazing meld of Rhododendron, Sweet Basil, Lavender CO2 and Patchouli encapsulated in Fractionated Coconut oil at 2% in a 10 ml Roller Bottle with a Stainless steel ball.

I am very proud of this blend because its only one of 3 that I have ever created that smells divine and works for my Intention. Hence the Name. Several people have asked me to sell it and I have, to them. Ive not brought it to the public until now. Because of my personal response to this blend, I want to Share it with you. I pray that whoever uses it, is able to Feel the Intent that was placed IN it. With Joy comes Peace. Kris

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