Do you Avoid the Laundry Aisle at Your Grocery Store?

Thousands avoid the highly scented laundry aisles like the plague. 🙋‍♀️

With good reason.

Over the top, throat clogging, headache inducing scents are Everywhere.

And I mean Everywhere!

From Laundry to Dish soap to cosmetics and body products. Everything is Scented.

And, Scent issues are real!

I know many people that get instantaneous migraines from the overabundance of perfumes.

I have ordered online and purchased in person, many other soap makers products.

Most go immediately into the trash. Some I’ve even threatened to send to friends just so they too can share In my pain 😂.

Jokingly of course.

Some have such a Nasty Powdery undertone (or aftertaste if you will- meaning that it is so overused you can literally taste it ) and they All cling to the skin.

SO Many have headache inducing, over the top scents that literally make me want to hurl.

No, I’m not being dramatic.

This is a Real issue! For Thousands.

When people decide to make Bath & Body products, most educate themselves.


Many don’t. And that’s the problem.

Currently the cosmetic industry in the US is basically Unregulated. There are No Testing requirements, there are No Standards required to be adhered to.

A manufacturer IS required to ensure that their products are safe and Unadulterated. This requires GMP (good manufacturing processes). The FDA provides Free Resources that many chose to ignore.

Personally I believe in a Free People And less regulation, if it weren’t for all the crooked jerks out in the world that only care about making a quick buck.

If only everyone cared about others safety.

Wistful thinking I know.

I firmly believe in being a responsible, educated manufacturer.

When choosing Essential oils, I know what to look for to make sure I am purchasing a quality oil.

I know IFRA (International Fragrance Association) standards and I utilize them In Every Single Product.

When choosing Phthalate Free Fragrance oils I’m super Particular about the ones I choose. I’ve spent a large amount of money on testing fragrances in products. Because that’s a part of it. Research and Development. Safe Product manufacturing.

That’s my job.

One I take very seriously.

After all, if you don’t like my product, you’re not going to purchase from me for very long. Right?

Lightly scented bath & body products are my “Thing”

Pleasing, calming and Joyful scents.... that’s also my Joy, to make you happy.

And my Ultimate goal.

Soaps should not have such a heavy scent that the scent remains on your skin! Not now, not ever.

If the scent does remain for a short period of time, like immediately after bathing, that’s ok.

But hours later? No. It’s Soap. It’s a wash off product and the Fragrance limits are specifically created For this Wash off product.

Lotions are a different story. The amount to be used in lotions are generally Much, Much lower than for soap. Why? Because of the chemical composition, the fact that it’s a leave on product and that particular fragrance, or Essential oil needs to be within certain dilutions to be safe on the skin for long periods of time.

Education, Continuing Education and More Education is Vital!

Vital to your safety, Vital to the longevity of my business and Vital to my conscience.

Ok, rant over.

Please choose your products wisely. Chose them from a maker that is Educated.

Also, Buy Local! Unless we are friends and you e purchased from me, then by all means Buy from me 😂!!

Simple Ingredients For a Simple Life.

With Love,


PS, if I rambled, forgive me, I’m Prone to that 😀

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