Herbal Baths

The Power of Self Care. You’ve heard of it.

But have you taken advantage of it?

No, Why Not?

Too busy? Too Stressed?

How stressed are you going to be when your body says “Eh, I’m too busy to take care of you” ?


It is So important to take care of yourself. A 30 minute Herbal Bath can relax you in ways that even Aromatherapy alone can’t do. Did I just say that?

I Sure Did!

Essential Oils are derived from the very plants that we use in all of our herbal “remedies”

Why not utilize Both? We can.

Soaking in a warm tub that is filled with the Glorious scents of Essential Oils, Herbs, Flowers & Luxurious Butter ? Well, it just CANT be beat!

I Love Essential Oils in ways that many just don’t “get” but Im here to tell you, combining the two in an Herbal Bath is the Ultimate in relaxation!

Roses, Lavender, Calendula, Bachelor Buttons, Chamomile, Holy Basil.... mm mmm mmmmm!!!

The feeling of your Heart Expanding with Joy when you see a gorgeous array of flowers and herbs?

Yeah, THAT!

Thats the feeling I Want and Get to Share with the world!

Complete and Total relaxation is Key to a Healthy Body and Mind.

The Herbal Bath “Tabs”, Teas, Salts and Truffles I offer for sale, are strictly made with Organic herbs I grow myself, butters sourced from ethical, organic sellers and Essential oils also sourced from reputable sellers.

Hows That for a Run On sentence? 😀

Absolutely no synthetics, no dispersants, just Clean Wholesome ingredient!

*** Keep in mind the safety aspect of these Delights!

Your tub is Going to be Slippery, your body is going to be coated with oils and butters.

Utilize Extreme Caution when exiting the tub after your Ultimately Relaxing chill time. After all, there’s Nothing relaxing about a trip to the ER!! ****

Love Yourself!

If your local to me, I will now have a booth at the Joplin Empire Market! Located at 931 East 4th St. Joplin, Mo. every Saturday starting February 9, 2019 10 am to 3 pm.

As you walk in the door, to the left Right next to the Coffee shop! How Lucky am I?! ❤️

Come See me!

In Love,


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